Online Reputation Management

Hotel online reputation management (ORM) plays a crucial role in determining the success of your operation. It can take years to establish a solid reputation, but a few negative reviews in Google search results can quickly jeopardize a hotel’s image. In fact, a whopping 95% of U.S. travelers say they are influenced by online reviews. The key is to be proactive. Investing in ORM is a wise and cost-effective approach.

Online reputation directly affects sales. The hotels that attract loyal guests that boost revenue through direct bookings are the ones with the best reputation. Case in point, Cornell University found that a 1% reputation improvement leads to a 1.42% increase in RevPAR.

Monitor Brand References

Get real-time updates on what people are saying about your hotel and employ strategic proactive solutions.

Boost Reputation

Shape public perception by directing conversations and controlling the flow of online information.

Leverage Social Proof

Increase conversions by highlighting user-generated content from influential sites such as TripAdvisor.

A Proactive Focus on Online Reputation

Hotel ORM needs a makeover. Too much of it is reaction-based. We take the lead and anticipate challenges by establishing a buffer to protect your online reputation as market conditions change. We nurture your online reputation with a focus on building a loyal customer base to increase RevPAR.

  • Monitor brand references
  • Shape public perception
  • Highlight user-generated content

We employ proactive measures to control the flow of online information surrounding your hotel. We shape public perception and influence buying behavior by facilitating meaningful conversations and featuring high-value user-generated content. This influx in engagement across various online channels can increase conversions and boost occupancy.

Let’s Start by Analyzing Your Online Presence